FAQs About Dollar General Corporation is a popular American chain of discount stores that offers a carefully selected range of everyday essentials from popular brands at low prices. The company operates over 17,000 stores in 46 states and is known for its convenient locations and affordable prices.

DGme is an online platform that provides Dollar General employees with access to their personal and work-related information, including pay stubs, benefits, and training materials. The platform also offers training programs and promotional activities to help employees develop their skills and advance in their careers. By providing these resources, Dollar General aims to create a positive work environment that supports employee well-being and career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register as a new employee?

Dollar General employees can access their personal and work-related information, including pay stubs, benefits, and training materials, through the DGme online platform. To log in to DGme, employees can visit the official website and enter their login credentials.

Do I have to take an assessment every time I apply for a new position/vacancy?

If you apply for multiple positions at Dollar General, each position may require an individual assessment (e.g., for branch manager and part-time worker roles). However, if you apply for the same position at different locations, you only need to take the assessment once.

Can a regular customer create an account on the Dollar General website?

While anyone can create an account on the Dollar General website, only registered customers can purchase online. Therefore, you must create an account on their website to buy products from Dollar General’s online store.

What is the general payment in dollars?

Dollar General Payroll refers to the monthly payment employees receive from the company. This payment includes gross and net salary, taxes, and other deductions and is typically deposited into the employee’s bank account between 9:00 pm and 12 noon, along with a wage statement.